Freddie Mac Internship 2024 Program for Students & Graduate

High school students and entry-level undergraduates who would like to experience working for a government-sponsored enterprise where they will get the fascinating opportunities to work alongside real estate professionals and oversee a mortgage portfolio worth billions are welcome to apply for the latest Freddie Mac Summer Internship. As an intern, you’ll be part of a dynamic, fast-paced, and competitive environment that values innovative thinking, collaboration, and accountability. The company fosters development through challenging assignments, formal training sessions, and support programs so that interns can develop skills they can use in the future. Some of the intern jobs here include roles such as SWE, Computer Science Intern, and many more. By applying for these roles, you will be provided with mentorship opportunities that will also allow you to develop rewarding careers in finance.

Freddie Mac Internship


  • Company Name: Freddie Mac
  • Location: Virginia, United States
  • Education Required: Minimum Secondary
  • Industry: Finance

About Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac, also known as the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC), is a leading issuer of mortgage-backed securities and provides liquidity and stability to the secondary mortgage market by purchasing conventional mortgages from lenders and offering competitive interest rates on the open market. Established in 1970 through an act of Congress, Freddie Mac operates within the framework of federal law while remaining competitive in the housing finance marketplace. As such, it works with various partners from banks to servicers and provides access to capital for homeownership opportunities to support affordability. Moreover, its commitment to responsible lending practices has helped create stable economic foundations for generations of property owners. The company generates annual revenue of more than US$75.125 billion and employs over 6,892 people who deliver excellent services under CEO Michael DeVito’s leadership.


Joining Freddie Mac Internships offers a paid opportunity to experience the corporate world while gaining professional development and building valuable connections. Interns at Freddie Mac can expect to earn a competitive salary of $17.29 per hour, allowing them to focus on tasks at hand rather than worrying about finances. Working with this well-established company also provides a feeling of self-worth while developing skills in finance, human resources, capital markets, risk management, and public policy that could be used in future work opportunities.


Interested applicants for internships at Freddie Mac must meet several criteria to be considered eligible, including being actively enrolled in an accredited institution or program, possessing an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher, and having a full-time status that is determined by the applicant’s school environment. In addition to these requirements, interns must be authorized to work in the United States without sponsorship from Freddie Mac. Finally, potential candidates will need to supply at least one professional letter of recommendation that outlines their prior success in related fields.

Freddie Mac Internship Application Process?

The application process for a Freddie Mac Internship Program is often perceived as a challenging task by many people, however, is it very easy to understand. You will need to complete an online application through the company’s official online platform by providing basic personal information, educational background, and employment history. You may also be required to attach a resume, cover letter, work samples, or letters of reference, depending on the type of program you are applying for. Once your application is received, you must complete any assessments or video interviews that may follow prior to being notified of your status. As we mentioned earlier that the process is very easy to understand, therefore, all you need to do now is click the “Internship at Freddie Mac” button below and find out what positions are currently available.

Last Words

The intern program at Freddie Mac provides a unique opportunity for students who are searching for an engaging and meaningful educational experience. Each internship is designed to give students a thorough appreciation of business operations through which interns are encouraged to develop problem-solving skills and build relationships with industry professionals all while working alongside dedicated team members. Furthermore, Freddie Mac ensures that their interns become part of the greater mission to meet the needs of their customers by developing initiatives that serve their communities.