Avnet Internship 2024 Application for Undergraduates

If you would like to work for a multinational company that is a global leader in electronic components and offers plenty of opportunities for interns to challenge themselves and develop new skillsets valuable for future job prospects, be sure to apply for the latest Avnet Internship. By interning here, students can get to become well-versed in business strategy development and chain operations while furthering their knowledge in areas such as complex electronics and finance. Some of the available programs here include School-Student, Undergraduates & Early-Graduate Programs, and many more. Whether you want to become a Digital Analyst Intern or an Industrial Engineer Intern, read out the following information below and take your first steps forward in the world of electronics and services.

Avnet Internship 2024 Application for Undergraduates

Avnet Internship


  • Company Name: Avnet
  • Location: United States & across worldwide
  • Education Required: Minimum Secondary
  • Industry: Electronics

About Avnet

Founded in 1921 by Mr. Charles Avnet, Avnet Inc. is a leading provider of electronic components all across the world and currently serves over 1 million customers across 140 countries. By connecting customers to knowledge, skills, and tools, Avnet helps them make the next big change in their business growth and innovation. The company takes pride in supplying the latest technologies from top suppliers like Apple, Dell, and HP to ensure the quality delivery of solutions that are of utmost importance. It also offers highly integrated solutions such as its SmartEdge™ Solutions platform which combines hardware, software, and other services into pre-built combinations that quickly move customers’ Internet of Things (IoT) ideas to market. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, it has over 14,500 employees working for them and an annual revenue of more than US$19.53 billion.


Joining Avnet Internships is an excellent opportunity for students and recent graduates to earn a competitive salary of approximately $45,311 per year and have the chance to make significant connections in their fields. These connections can not only lead to learning new skills but can prove invaluable when searching for a job once their paid internship comes to an end. Many interns who graduate from the Avnet program secure a job at the company immediately following graduation because the company values its interns’ hard work.


Avnet seeks to hire the most qualified and motivated interns in order to make sure that their internship will be a success. For this reason, they have established a set of eligibility criteria which include having an excellent academic record and demonstrating an interest in their field of expertise. Additionally, intern candidates must demonstrate high communication skills and have a proactive attitude. Furthermore, the company requires students to have knowledge of basic IT platforms such as MS Office packages and social media networks.

Avnet Internship Application Process?

The application process for the Avnet internship program is easy to follow and includes several steps for potential candidates to complete. To start, interested individuals must fill out an online application form and submit a resume and cover letter through their online job portal (MyWorkdaySite). Next, the applicants will be asked to complete an assessment to evaluate relevant skills and knowledge areas. After a review of the application submitted, qualified applicants will be asked to provide more detailed information, such as data from transcripts and two letters of recommendation. Then they may be called in for an interview with a hiring manager to further confirm their qualifications, as well as discuss the job duties and expectations. Upon understanding the procedure, click on the “Internship at Avnet” button below and select a position.


Last Words

Pursuing an internship at Avnet can greatly benefit students seeking to break into the technology industry and acquire practical experience while interacting with diverse teams that enable students to gain an understanding of what it takes to succeed in a technological career. Alongside practical experience, Avnet’s internship programs offer mentorship and coaching opportunities that enable interns to learn critical skills such as problem-solving and communication through real-world scenarios.