JPMorgan Chase Summer Internship 2024 for High School Students

Are you interested in becoming part of an exceptional internship experience? If yes, then the JPMorgan Chase Summer Internship is the perfect opportunity for you. During your time at this company, you will work alongside some of the brightest minds in finance. You will have access to different departments within the organization, allowing you to explore various areas of interest. Both graduate and undergraduate students can submit their applications for many available student jobs, such as Corporate Analyst Development, Wealth Management, Software Engineer, Risk Management, Marketing, Investment Banking, Data Analyst Intern, and many more. So, don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to launch your career with one of the world’s leading financial institutions.

Jpmorgan Chase Internship


  • Organization Name: JPMorgan Chase
  • Location:  New York, United States
  • Education Required: College Students / Undergraduates / Graduates
  • Industry: Retail

About JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase was formed in 2000 as a result of a merger between J.P. Morgan & Co. and Chase Manhattan Corporation. In addition to investment banking and asset management, it offers commercial banking, consumer banking, and treasury and securities services. The company offers a variety of services, such as underwriting, mergers and acquisitions, equity and debt financing, and restructuring. A diverse range of investors, from pensions and sovereign wealth funds to high-net-worth individuals, are involved in asset planning. As a financial services provider, it provides corporate and institutional clients with loans, treasury services, trade finance, and cash management. A large team of technologists works on new products and services at the company, which heavily invests in technology. In recent years, it has also invested in fintech companies and acquired several strategic companies. In addition to its headquarters in New York City, the company employs more than 293,723 people. Its CEO & Chairman is Mr. Jamie Dimon.


Joining the JPMorgan Chase Internships offers numerous benefits, including gaining hands-on experience, networking with professionals in your field, and a chance to earn a competitive salary and a stipend of $60,892 per year. You will work on challenging projects, collaborate with industry experts, and receive training and mentorship to help you grow professionally. Moreover, you can expect a competitive salary and a stipend during the internship. JPMorgan Chase also provides various training programs, including workshops, seminars, and online courses, to help you build your skills and knowledge.


To be eligible for the JPMorgan Chase Internship program, you must be enrolled in a college or university and pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is recommended for those studying finance, economics, computer science, or marketing, as well as coursework relevant to their field of study. Furthermore, you must have excellent communication skills, the ability to work as part of a team, and a passion for innovation and technology in order to succeed in this position.

JPMorgan Chase Internship Application Process?

The application process for the JPMorgan Chase Internship program starts by clicking on the blue button. Upon visiting the company’s career website, you can view many job opportunities for students in which you can select the job role that best suits your skill set. Afterward, you will need to hit the “Apply Now” button. Then create an account using your email address and fill out a form that includes your skills, qualifications, and previous work experience. Make sure to attach your CV and submit your application. Once you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email and be contacted by a member of the recruitment team for an interview. In your interview, you’ll talk about your abilities, knowledge, and interest in the internship.


Last Words

An internship at JPMorgan Chase can offer students a unique opportunity to gain practical experience in the financial industry while also helping them achieve their educational goals. Interns will be able to attend training sessions, workshops, and other events designed to help them develop their skills and expand their knowledge of the industry. They will also be able to meet other professionals in the field, including mentors who can offer guidance and advice on pursuing their chosen career path.

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