Prada Internship 2024 for Students and Fresh Graduates

High school and college undergraduates who would like to intern for an Italian luxury fashion house that provides an opportunity to make a real impact at an established brand in the luxury clothing industry are welcome to submit their applications for the latest Prada Summer Internship. From receiving detailed knowledge on designing and making internationally-recognized clothing items to working closely with a creative team dedicated to the advancement of modern fashion, interns can expect to expand their skill set during their time spent at Prada. Both U.S. local and international students can get to apply for available intern jobs such as Designer, Sales Associate, Legal Intern, and many more. Therefore, apply as soon as possible since interning here can open up a variety of professional and personal opportunities.

Prada InternshipSummary

  • Company Name: Prada
  • Location: Milan, Italy
  • Education Required: Minimum Secondary
  • Industry: Fashion

About Prada

Prada is a premium Italian luxury fashion brand that is renowned for its elegant style and exceptional design. Founded in 1913 by Mr. Mario Prada, this brand is best known for its iconic accessories and leather goods, as well as its ready-to-wear clothing collections. All of its products are carefully crafted using the finest material sourced from all over the world, resulting in garments that are both luxurious and long-lasting. The fashion giant has remained a family-owned business since it began and carries on the same practices of excellence under the leadership of Head Designer Miuccia Prada and CEO Andrea Guerra. Headquartered in Milan, Italy, this company continues to be one of the most popular global fashion houses and is highly desired by luxury shoppers around the world.


Joining a Prada internship has several attractive benefits for motivated individuals that include a competitive salary of $14/hour or $30,000 annually. Interns here also develop valuable skills such as self-esteem development and networking that can help long-term career success. Additionally, successful completion of the program could lead directly to a job at Prada and you can also consider this an outstanding opportunity to be part of the well-known fashion house’s elite team!


The eligibility criteria for an internship at Prada are closely evaluated to ensure the right candidate is chosen. Those seeking an internship must have experience in their relevant field and exhibit strong communication, decision-making, and interpersonal skills. Furthermore, a knowledge of Microsoft Office software and an understanding of modern digital tools such as Adobe Illustrator is also preferred. Finally, past work experience, whether voluntary or paid, is considered beneficial for applicants hoping to contribute their expertise at this company.

Prada Internship Application Process?

Completing the application process for the Prada Internship program is a relatively simple process that begins with creating an account on the company’s official career website. After logging into your account, you will be asked to fill out a brief bio detailing your professional skills and experience. You will then upload your resume and any relevant supporting documents such as transcripts or letters of recommendation. Once all of the required information is uploaded, applicants must answer a series of questions about the characteristics they have that make them the ideal candidate. After that, you must submit two writing samples for review and then submit your application. You can view the available internship programs by clicking on the “Internship at Prada” button below.

Last Words

The experience and qualifications that students gain by interning at Prada are extremely valuable, in addition to the opportunities to develop their professional profiles. With a vast network in fashion, art, culture, and media, being part of the Prada team means working alongside inspiring and respected individuals. Students will have a chance to gain experience in market research, operations management, and customer service while focusing on creative solutions as they take part in product launches and collections. Throughout the internship, students can develop new relationships with both local professionals and global partners, which will also enhance their industry knowledge.