Moody’s Summer Internship 2024 and Early Careers for Engineers

Are you looking to get direct experience in the fast-paced field of finance and economics by joining a U.S.-based financial company? If so, be sure to submit your application for the latest Moody’s Summer Internship. While interning here, you’ll get to learn a lot about analytical skills by working alongside experienced colleagues and feel rewarded by making measurable contributions to the organization’s success. A few of the student jobs that are currently available for undergraduate and graduate students are in a wide range of fields such as science, data science, software engineering, analytics, and many more. As a result, don’t miss this opportunity, and be sure to set a strong foundation for your future career goals by enhancing your professional skills and interests. So apply now.

Moodys Internship


  • Organization Name: Moody’s
  • Location: New York, United States
  • Education Required: College/Degree
  • Industry: Finance

About Moody’s

Moody’s Corporation was founded in 1909 to provide investors with the most comprehensive credit assessments. Over the years, it has grown from small origins to become a global leader in credit ratings and other data, research, and analytical services. In over 40 countries, Moody’s expanding portfolio of products helps customers make informed financial decisions. Additionally, it provides government and municipal debt analysis as one of the largest financial analytics companies in the United States. Through its almost 1.8 million registered users each day, it helps eliminate the gap between creditors and debtors by establishing trustworthy relationships across industries. With more than 13,460 employees, the company has its headquarters in New York and its CEO is Mr. Rob Fauber.


By joining Moody’s Internships, you will get amazing experiences as well as a highly competitive base salary and a stipend of $55,928 per year. Not only do you get the opportunity to work alongside highly qualified professionals, but you will also benefit from additional advantages such as personal development workshops and a free lunch policy. By participating in the company’s professional mentoring programs, you can also expand your knowledge base as well as skill set by developing meaningful relationships with experienced professionals.


An internship at Moody’s requires a Bachelor’s degree in finance or economics, strong communication skills, and the ability to work independently. Additionally, experience with quantitative analysis, Adobe Creative Suites, and Microsoft Excel would also be beneficial. To complete this program successfully, you must be competent in interpersonal abilities, pay attention to details, and be financially responsible. Furthermore, an interest in understanding financial markets and strong analytical skills are also required.

Moody’s Internship Application Process?

For those who are interested in acquiring relevant professional experience, applying to Moody’s internship program is a rewarding experience. In order to begin the hiring process, you must click on the “Internship at Moody’s” button. By doing this, you will be redirected to the company’s official career website, where you can select your desired job role and read it carefully before clicking “Apply Now.” After creating an account, you will need to complete the application form and attach your current resume detailing your educational background and relevant work experience. If your application qualifies, you will be invited to an interview to showcase your skills and discuss why you are a good fit.

Last Words

By interning for Moody’s, young professionals can learn from experts in the field and receive extensive training in banking, investments, and other related areas. In addition to building their professional network, interns will also have the opportunity to make connections with experts who can assist them with their career paths. As an intern at Moody’s, you will also get a great resume boost as well as a strong foundation of knowledge to advance your career.

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