Elevance Health Internship 2024 Program New Opportunities

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to acquire valuable experience in the healthcare industry? Consider applying for the Elevance Health Internship 2024 Program, which offers new opportunities for high school students and recent graduates. As a member of this program, you will have the chance to work on projects related to business analysis, control analysis, population health, project management, and network operations, among others. You will have access to a wide range of resources and mentors who will guide you through your journey in the healthcare industry. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to begin your career in healthcare and apply as soon as possible to this program today to start your path to success.

Elevance Health Internship


  • Organization Name: Elevance Health
  • Location:  Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
  • Education Required: College Students / Undergraduates / Graduates
  • Industry: Healthcare

About Elevance Health

Elevance Health was founded in 1944 and is relatively new to the health insurance market. Its mission is to make healthcare more affordable and accessible for everyone. It means that the company pays healthcare providers based on the quality of care they provide rather than the number of services they offer. As a result, healthcare providers are encouraged to focus on preventative care and keeping patients healthy, reducing healthcare costs for both patients and insurers. Additionally, it offers a variety of wellness programs to help its members stay healthy, such as weight loss programs, smoking cessation programs, and stress management resources. In addition to its technology-driven approach to healthcare, it offers a wide range of healthcare services. Their goal is to identify high-risk patients and proactively manage their care by using data analytics and artificial intelligence. With over 102,300 employees, the company is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Its President & CEO is Gail Koziara Boudreaux.


By joining Elevance Health Internships, you will earn a competitive salary of approximately $48,000 per year while gaining valuable experience in the healthcare industry. As part of the program, a mentor will be assigned to you who will provide you with guidance and support, as well as access to a wide range of training programs and resources. There will be the opportunity for you to work remotely, which will allow you to balance your work and personal responsibilities.


As a high school student or a recent graduate, you must be able to demonstrate a strong academic record, along with relevant coursework in your field of interest, to qualify for Elevance Health Internship Program. In addition, it is essential for you to be able to communicate effectively in both written and verbal form, and it is imperative for you to be able to work collaboratively as well as within a team environment.

Elevance Health Internship Application Process?

The application process for the Elevance Health Internship Program begins by clicking the blue button below. After clicking on this, you will be taken to the company’s official career website. You can view all the available intern jobs and select the job role to find out more. To submit an application, click on the “Apply Now” button and register with your email address if you don’t have one yet. Afterward, you will be asked to fill out a form that includes your skills, qualifications, and previous work experience, as well as attach your CV. You will receive a confirmation email after submitting the form, and a member of the recruitment team will contact you to arrange an interview.

Last Words

An internship at Elevance Health can be an excellent opportunity for students to gain practical experience and develop skills that can help them achieve their educational goals. Students can also gain experience in using industry-specific software, working with different teams, and developing professional communication skills. An internship here can help students develop a professional work ethic and understand workplace expectations.

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