Bank of America Internship 2024 for Freshman

If you are willing to join a U.S.-based financial services holding company that encourages you to use your special skills and experience to develop innovative solutions, be sure to submit your application for the latest Bank of America Internship. Here you will have endless opportunities to contribute to meaningful projects and take advantage of influential mentorship. The company currently offers a wide range of programs such as Sophomore and Summer Internships. As part of this program, a few of the positions that are currently open to both graduates and undergraduates include Software Engineer, Investment Banking, Summer Analyst, Global Technology, Legal, Advisor Intern, and many more. Therefore, you must submit your application as soon as possible and ensure you don’t miss out on this opportunity to launch your career in finance.

Bank Of America Internship


  • Organization Name: Bank of America
  • Location:  Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
  • Education Required: Minimum High School
  • Industry: Banking

About Bank of America (BOA)

Founded on September 30, 1998, Bank of America has become one of the world’s leading financial institutions today due to its success in the financial sector. This company offers a wide range of financial products and services, such as investments, wealth management, and mortgages. In Forbes Global 2000 List 2020, the bank also ranks among the world’s most valuable banks for assets held in the United States, with over 4,500 retail banking offices and more than 15 million active mobile banking users. Through innovative practices, it is committed to expanding its range of services while driving progress for its stakeholders and communities. The company has over 217,000 employees at its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, under the leadership of Chairman and CEO Brian Moynihan.


By joining Bank of America Internships, you will receive a highly competitive salary, with an average of approximately $54,294 per year. There are also many other benefits to participating in such a paid program, including the opportunity to develop self-confidence as you take part in the work environment and have a range of responsibilities to carry out. In addition, working in one of the most prestigious banks in the world also gives you an edge when it comes to networking for jobs after graduation.


An internship at Bank of America is based on eligibility criteria that ensure a quality group of interns every year. For this reason, you should possess two years of college education, leadership capabilities, be a suitable candidate in your field, possess strong English language communication skills, and have the ability to conduct research. Other prerequisites may include internship experience in the banking industry, knowledge of specific software packages and databases, fluency in foreign languages, and references from teachers, professors, or past employers.

Bank of America Internship Application Process?

You can start the hiring process for the Bank of America Internship Program by clicking on the “Internship at Bank of America” button. If you click on this, you will see several student opportunities on the official website of this company, where you can read out the program that fits your resume. After that, click on “Apply Now” to submit an online application. However, this will require you to first register for an account on the company’s website, where you must complete a form with your details, such as qualifications, skills, and work experience, and attach the required documents. The recruitment team will then send you a confirmation email, contact you for an interview, and if you are qualified, you will be hired.

Last Words

By completing an internship program at Bank of America, students have the chance to acquire relevant experience and develop beneficial skills that will assist them in the future. In addition to teaching them the best practices of financial analysis, customer service, and communication, this program can also provide them with excellent training in the banking industry. Additionally, working with this company offers extensive networking opportunities within the banking industry, which could result in a temporary or permanent position after graduation.

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