Palantir Internship 2024 For Student (Apply Online)

New grads and MBA students who are willing to intern for an American software company that takes pride in its culture of innovation and turning complex data into software applications that are groundbreaking and impactful are welcome to submit their applications for the latest Palantir Summer Internship. Interning here is an invaluable experience as you will have the opportunity to get practical experience with developing code, debugging programs, database design, and implementation. Whether your field of interest is software engineering, sales, security, or something else, you will have access to various development tools to expand your knowledge base as well as valuable connections within the tech industry. So what are you waiting for? Apply for this opportunity and begin your journey to a successful professional career ahead!

Palantir Internship


  • Company Name: Palantir
  • Location: Denver, Colorado, United States
  • Education Required: Minimum High School
  • Industry: Software

About Palantir Technologies

Palantir Technologies is a U.S.-based software company that specializes in commercializing data exploration and analysis solutions across multiple industries ranging from financial services to government organizations and media companies. The company’s product line helps organizations gain valuable information from multiple data sources such as websites, applications, internal documents, and other information systems to enable easy storage, exploration, and visualization of data. Their technology platform provides clients with advanced decision-making capabilities by using algorithms such as machine learning and natural language processing to develop highly personalized solutions for their specific business needs. Its headquarters are situated in Denver, Colorado, and Mr. Peter Thiel is its Chairperson, whereas, Mr. Alex Karp is its CEO.


Join Palantir Internships and experience the many benefits associated with such an opportunity. Not only does this company offer a competitive salary of approximately $49.04 per hour, but it also gives students the chance to become more confident as they develop new skills and learn new things. Additionally, these internships provide invaluable networking opportunities and help participants build valuable contacts in their chosen fields. As a result of making great connections at Palantir, you will also have access to a powerful network that may offer you job opportunities in the future.


To qualify for an internship at Palantir Technologies, applicants should demonstrate the passion, ambition, and commitment to excellence that the company is known for. The management here typically favors candidates with a combination of technical expertise and knowledge in computer-based solutions, as well as an understanding of data science, software engineering, and distributed systems. An applicant must also be enrolled in or have already completed an accredited university program at a college or university located in the United States.

How to Apply for Palantir Internship Program?

Applying for the Palantir Internship Program is a rewarding experience, however, it’s important to carefully review all requirements so that you are best prepared for the application process. Start by visiting the official Palantir career website and looking for available opportunities by clicking the “Internship at Palantir” button below. Enter the keyword “Internship” in its search engine and select a position that matches your expertise and credentials. After that, click the “Apply for This Job” button and fill out the application form by providing information about yourself that demonstrates your suitability for the position. Submit contact information from your references and attach a resume and cover letter, as well. After completing these steps, review your application one more time to ensure accuracy and then submit it.

Last Words

Interning at Palantir Technologies is a great opportunity for students looking to grow their skill sets and gain valuable professional experience. With offices located throughout the United States, there are numerous opportunities for ambitious young professionals to interact with colleagues from different industries and cultures. Interns can also expect to be involved in various learning programs designed to enhance their understanding of software development, artificial intelligence, and data analysis.