Nextera Energy Internship Program 2024 For Fresh Graduates

If you are willing to become part of an American renewable energy company where you’ll get to work with some of the leading experts and gain a deeper understanding of how this important sector works, be sure to apply for the most recent Nextera Summer Internship. With this opportunity, both HR professionals and engineers will have countless opportunities to learn about the latest advancements in robotics as well as in a number of specialized fields. In addition, college interns receive specialized training alongside experienced mentors to work on their skillset while MBA and Graduate program participants have access to even more advanced learning opportunities. Therefore, interning here is likely to be a meaningful and rewarding experience that can also open up many career opportunities in the near future.

Nextera Internship


Company Name: Nextera
Location: Juno Beach, Florida, United States
Education Required: Minimum Secondary
Industry: Energy

About Nextera

Nextera is a U.S.-based renewable energy company that was founded in 2004 and is dedicated to providing clean and reliable energy all across the USA as well as in Canada. The company operates in 27 states and provides energy from a diverse portfolio that includes wind, solar, hydro, nuclear, and natural gas resources. Through its divisions Florida Power & Light, Gulf Power, and many more, the company produces more carbon-free energy than any other company in the world. In addition to prioritizing environmental sustainability with its comprehensive production efforts, Nextera also focuses on customer service by developing innovative technologies that offer consumers more control over their energy services. The company’s use of wind and solar power to produce electricity not only reduces air pollution but also enables customers to keep their electric bills low. Its headquarters is situated in Florida and John W. Ketchum is its Chairman, President, and CEO.


Joining the Nextera Internships can provide many valuable benefits for college-aged students as this program comes with a competitive salary of $19.30 per hour and also provides an opportunity to gain meaningful professional experiences. Participating in the program also helps build confidence and communication skills through project collaboration with others, while simultaneously creating a valuable network with other colleagues, alumni, industry professionals, and experts.


To become eligible for interning with Nextera, an individual must be currently attending an undergraduate or postgraduate program in engineering, business, law, finance, or a related field and have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Applicants must also demonstrate strong leadership capabilities and a passion for sustainability. All internships require excellent communication skills and dedication as interns will be expected to keep up with the fast-paced environment.

How to Apply for Nextera Internship Program?

Applying for the Nextera Internship program provides an opportunity to gain real-world experiences in an internationally recognized industry. The application process requires prospective interns to complete an application form, submit a resume and cover letter, and participate in an interview. Following completion of the application, there may also be additional requirements such as tests or evaluations for potential interns. Therefore, begin by clicking on the “Internship at Nextera” button below and then click on the internship job that best suits your education field.

Last Words

Internships at Nextera provide students with invaluable work experience and real-world skills as they progress in their academic careers. With experts in a wide range of areas, from engineering to business development, interns can benefit from mentorship experiences in their field that will not only help them gain valuable knowledge but also the skills and competencies needed for a successful career. This program is designed to provide students with professional development resources and meaningful work experience that give them a competitive advantage in their academic careers.