NBA Summer Internship 2024 Application

Is there something you’d like to learn about the workings of one of the most iconic professional basketball leagues in the world by joining it? If so, do not hesitate to apply for the latest NBA Summer Internship. Through this program, you will be able to work alongside some of the biggest names in basketball, learn how teams are built and managed, and participate in exclusive events such as team practices and training camps. There are many intern jobs available for undergraduates and graduate students in a wide range of fields, such as marketing, software engineering, athletic training, data analysis, finance, legal, and others. Therefore, submit an application as soon as possible so you can benefit from a comprehensive learning experience that equips you with practical skills you can use anywhere.

NBA Internship


  • Organization Name: National Basketball Association (NBA)
  • Location: New York, NY, United States
  • Education Required: Minimum High School
  • Industry: Sports

About NBA

The National Basketball Association was founded in 1946 and has grown into a global sports and entertainment brand. There is a regular season that runs from October to April, followed by playoffs that conclude in the NBA Finals in June. The league consists of 30 teams, 29 from the United States and one from Canada, and is widely recognized as the best men’s professional basketball league in the world. In addition, it is a leader in technology and innovation with initiatives such as NBA 2K esports and NBA G League. It is also known for its impressive athleticism, intense competition, and star players such as LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant. In addition to the on-court action, the NBA is also known for its high-profile events, such as the NBA All-Star Game, the Draft, and the Summer League. Headquartered in New York, the company has over 1,173 employees and Mr. Mark A. Tatum is its Deputy Commissioner.


By joining NBA Internships, you can earn a competitive salary and stipend of about $47,049 per year, which will help you cover your expenses and provide important work experience. You will also have the opportunity to network with specialists in the industry, which can help you build relationships and connections throughout your career. Performing well and demonstrating your skills and potential may also lead to opportunities for employment within the organization or industry as a whole. There will also be opportunities for you to acquire experience in a variety of areas, including marketing, event planning, and analytics.


An internship at NBA requires you to be enrolled in an accredited college or university and complete at least two years of undergraduate coursework, and some programs accept recent graduates or graduate students. Minimum GPA requirements usually range from 3.0 to 3.5, and you must be available to work full-time during the internship period. You should also be equipped with relevant skills and experience, such as proficiency in Microsoft Office, familiarity with social media platforms, and event planning experience.

NBA Internship Application Process?

The hiring process for the NBA Softball Internship program is simple and begins by clicking on the “Internship at NBA” button. You will then be taken to the company’s official career site, where you can find student jobs using the search box and then select one that matches your skills. In order to fill out the application form, you will need to click on “Apply Now” and then create an account. A form will appear after this, where you can fill in your contact information, name, skills, qualifications, and work experience, as well as provide your resume. As a result, you will receive a confirmation email with the time of your interview. If you pass the interview, you’ll be hired by the company.



Last Words

An internship at NBA provides students with practical experience in a professional environment that can help them develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their future careers. The company also offers students the opportunity to develop valuable abilities, such as organizational, interpersonal, collaborative skills, and critical thinking. In addition, performance during internships may lead to regular positions or better job prospects in the future.

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