FOX News Internships Summer 2024 Application for Student

High School and college students who are interested in starting their careers by joining a U.S.-based multinational television channel, which is an excellent place to learn about the industry and acquire valuable experience, are invited to apply for the FOX News Internship. Working for this company gives you a chance to work with some of the best in the business and contribute to an influential news organization. A wide range of opportunities is currently available here, such as Summer internships, Undergraduate & Graduate programs, and many more. These opportunities come with plenty of student jobs such as Account Executive, Facilities Engineer, Technician, Product Manager Intern, etc. In this regard, interning at this company is especially beneficial for those who can keep their personal opinions separate from their work.

Fox News Internships


  • Organization Name: Fox News
  • Location:  New York, United States
  • Education Required: College Students / Undergraduates / Graduates
  • Industry: News

About FOX News

Fox News was launched in 1996 by Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Broadcasting Company, owned by News Corp. The channel is known for its conservative political views and has been a source of controversy and criticism for its reporting and commentary. It has a large and dedicated audience, with its primetime programming consistently ranking among the top cable news programs in the United States. The channel’s programming consists of a mix of news, analysis, and opinion shows, with a focus on political news and commentary. Some of its most popular shows include “The O’Reilly Factor,” “Hannity,” and “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Its influence is often cited as a factor in the rise of the conservative movement in the United States, and its impact on the country’s political landscape continues to be a topic of debate. In addition to its headquarters in New York, the company has over 22400 employees, and its CEO is Suzanne Scott.


By joining FOX News Internships, you will receive a competitive salary and a stipend of $25,000 per year for your work. You will have access to experienced mentors who can provide guidance and support throughout your internship. You will also have the opportunity to participate in various training and development programs, such as workshops and online courses, to help you improve your skills. Additionally, you will have the chance to network with other interns and employees, which can help you build valuable connections in the industry.


To qualify for the FOX News Internship program, you must be enrolled in a college or university and pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree. It is essential that you have a high academic record, as well as coursework related to your field of study. Further, you should be able to demonstrate excellent communication and teamwork skills through extracurricular activities and community service, as well as demonstrating leadership potential.

FOX News Internship Application Process?

The hiring process for the FOX News Internship program begins by clicking on the blue button. If you do this, you will be redirected to a page where you will be able to search for internship positions that interest you most. After this, read the full description, and then click on the “Apply Now” button to create an account and fill out the application form. There are a number of details that must be provided on the application form, such as your name, contact number, residence, skills, academic qualifications, and previous work experience, and you will need to attach your resume as well. After submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email, and a member of the recruitment team will contact you for an interview.


Last Words

An internship at FOX News can be a valuable experience for students looking to advance their careers in the media industry. Interns can learn from seasoned journalists who have years of experience covering breaking news and developing stories. Additionally, it offers a wide range of internship opportunities in various departments, including production, digital media, marketing, and research. Another advantage to interning at this company is that it can lead to future job opportunities within the company or elsewhere in the industry.

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