Woods Hole Internship 2024 for International Students

High school undergraduates who would like to join a nonprofit research and higher education facility that provides the opportunity to be involved in meaningful scientific research are invited to apply for the latest Woods Hole Internship. By working with knowledgeable professionals, interns here can learn everything about oceanography and marine sciences. As part of the Graduate Program, international students can also apply for this opportunity in their fields of interest such as Neuroscience, Aquarium, and many more. By applying for this opportunity, you will also have the opportunity to interact with its coastal neighbors, giving you access to unique educational and recreational activities. Therefore, submit your application as soon as possible because it is an ideal way to have your own experience with the fascinating elements of scientific research while enjoying the beauty of Falmouth, Massachusetts.

Woods Hole Internship Program 2024 and Student Fellowship (Fully Funded)

Woods Hole Internship


  • Company Name: Woods Hole
  • Location: United States & across worldwide
  • Education Required: Minimum Secondary
  • Industry: Management

About Woods Hole

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is a world-renowned private, nonprofit research and education center specializing in oceanography, marine science, and engineering. Founded in 1930 in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, it has grown now to be the largest independent oceanographic research organization in the U.S., with dozens of research vessels and hundreds of scientists who conduct their own research as well as collaborate with other academic institutions. As of today, its scientific discoveries have contributed significantly to the field of ocean sciences, ranging from mapping seafloors to developing new sonar capabilities for exploration to discovering thousands of aquatic species. Its mission remains focused on advancing the understanding of Earth’s oceans through exploration and education both locally and globally. This organization employs over 1,062 people with an annual revenue of $261.8 Million and Mr. Peter B. de Menocal is its President & Director.


An internship at Woods Hole offers a rewarding experience that cannot be compared with any other opportunities. Participants who are interested in joining Woods Hole Internships receive a competitive salary of approximately $19 per hour while having the opportunity to build valuable networks with long-lasting professional contacts. This type of experience can be valuable for providing participants with the confidence needed to tackle challenging tasks, as well as potentially developing their career opportunities within the scientific field.


To be eligible for a WHOI internship, applicants must be undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in a college or university in the United States, have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher, and possess relevant knowledge or experience in their chosen area of study. Furthermore, some internships require that applicants have completed assigned coursework before applying or have taken certain classes related to the field they wish to pursue. Although there is no upper age limit for applicants, those wishing to take part in this program should be aware that they will have to make the best of the opportunities offered here while successfully tackling the challenges that will arise.

Woods Hole Internship Application Process?

The application process for the Woods Hole Internship program begins with the submission of a detailed form, which allows the organization to gain an understanding of each candidate’s background and strengths. To ensure that all the required information is provided, candidates should review their form several times before submitting it. It is also advisable to provide evidence such as reference letters and documentation of previous research or laboratory experience whenever possible. You can view all of the available programs on the official career page of this research organization by clicking the “Internship at Woods Hole” button below.

Last Words

An Internship at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution can provide students with an exceptional opportunity to expand their knowledge, develop new perspectives, and enhance their understanding of modern-day oceanography. Interns can also gain practical experience in a wide array of disciplines including marine biology, geology, chemistry, logistics, engineering, and communication. WHOI’s talented team of experts will also provide guidance, resources, and networks that can help students develop highly useful skills such as data management, collaboration, and public speaking.