UNDP Internship 2024 Online Apply for Undergraduates

Undergraduate students who want to have the opportunity to make real and lasting contributions to global development are now welcome to submit their applications for the latest UNDP Internship program. By supporting local initiatives to reduce poverty, empower women and girls, and promote climate resilience, UNDP internees can be a part of a larger mission to create a better world for all. With its network of offices around the globe, this organization provides staff with many unique and valuable opportunities that cannot be found anywhere else. United Nations Development Programme offers an inspiring work environment in which students are encouraged to be their best selves. So do not wait any longer and instead read the further information as soon as possible!

UNDP Internship 2024 – Submit Application Form Online

UNDP Internship


  • Company Name: UNDP
  • Location: US, PK, IND, UK & across worldwide
  • Education Required: Minimum High School
  • Industry: International

About UNDP

The United Nations Development Programme is an important part of the work that the United Nations does in areas of poverty, hunger, health, and human development. Established on 22nd November 1965, it strives to provide an actual improvement in people’s lives around the world, especially those living in developing countries. Aid given by UNDP includes financing or technical expertise for economic and social issues such as clean water access and education programs. It also focuses on building long-term infrastructure projects so that communities can become more resourceful and less dependent on aid. Its mandate is to reduce inequality and create better opportunities in every corner of the world, regardless of race, color, or gender. Its headquarters are situated in New York City and United Nations Economic and Social Council is its parent organization.


Taking part in the UNDP Summer Internship is a great opportunity for both current students and recent graduates to gain valuable experiences in a competitive environment. Not only will participants receive a generous salary of $56,704 per year, but they will also have the chance to develop their skills, and build confidence and networks that can be useful throughout their whole careers.


The United Nations Development Programme seeks highly-motivated college graduates and postgraduates to join its global internship programme. Successful applicants should demonstrate academic excellence in their chosen fields, be willing to learn and be passionate about contributing towards social change. In addition, applicants must have a valid passport that allows them to travel to the UNDP country office where their internship will take place.

How to Apply for UNDP Internship Program?

Applying to the UNDP Internship Program is a relatively straightforward process that you can begin by clicking the “Internship at UNDP” button below. Choose an intern position and read out its entire details, including internship office background, duties and responsibilities, required skills and experience, competencies, as well as internship conditions. If you match the requirements, click “Apply Now” and complete an online application form. The form includes sections for education, work experience, language proficiency, references, and personal statements. Once the application is submitted, candidates will receive a notification of their submission status.