Ubisoft Internship Summer 2024 For Students

Are you willing to join a French video game publishing company that offers unparalleled career opportunities for students to work in a creative and innovative environment? If so, do not hesitate to submit your application for the latest Ubisoft Summer Internship. This company fosters an inclusive culture that celebrates diversity and encourages collaboration. Each intern here plays a key role in the development of world-renowned games and has access to a comprehensive suite of benefits that prioritize their well-being and career growth. Ubisoft Entertainment is also offering a graduate program as part of the internship program so that students can gain a deeper understanding of the gaming industry and learn about the various careers that exist in it. So what are you waiting for? Apply now!

Ubisoft Internship


Company Name: Ubisoft
Location: Montreuil, France
Education Required: Minimum Secondary
Industry: Video Game

About Ubisoft

Ubisoft Entertainment is a multinational video game publishing company that is best known for developing franchises such as Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Prince of Persia, For Honor, and many more. Founded in 1986 in France by the Guillemot Brothers, the studio has grown to become one of the biggest publishers in the world with global recognition and over 34 million monthly users. This company has also expanded from making games for consoles to creating mobile and online gaming platforms, allowing gamers of all ages to connect and play together through their network of games. Owned by the Guillemot family with 10.1% of market shares and Tencent with 9.99%, the company has over 20,324 people working for them and its headquarters are situated in Saint-Mandé, France.


Joining Ubisoft Internships has numerous additional benefits apart from the great reward of gaining knowledge, participating in a fun, team-oriented environment, and getting to work with some of the world’s top professionals. Not only would you gain world-class experience and reliable references, but it also comes with an approximately $80,636 per year competitive salary. This internship program also provides opportunities to build confidence and networks, making it easier to secure a job here.


Ubisoft, a reputable French video game publisher, values motivated and talented individuals to join their teams as interns. Aspiring applicants must fulfill the company’s eligibility criteria to be considered for the program. These requirements include completing a diploma or degree in multimedia design, computer science, communications, or another related field, along with demonstrating excellent knowledge of software development technology like C++ and Unity3D. Candidates who can prove fluency in French and English language will also be given priority.

How to Apply for Ubisoft Internship Program?

To apply for the Ubisoft Internship Program, candidates are advised to scroll below and hit the “Internship at Ubisoft” button below. This will allow them to view the open intern roles on the company’s official career page. After that, identify a suitable position that aligns with your qualifications and click on its title to read the requirements. If you meet the criteria, click “Apply” to begin the application process. Please note that this application page is designed to capture all necessary requirements for each position that applicants are applying for, so attention to detail is important! After completing the form and attaching the necessary documents as well as your picture, click the “Next” button to submit the application.


Last Words

Working as an intern at Ubisoft is a great way for students to gain insights into the technology and gaming industries. Interns learn important skills on the job, such as effective communication, interdisciplinary collaboration, and problem-solving abilities. They also get to apply the theoretical knowledge they learned in school in practical scenarios while benefiting from a strong mentorship that guides them through challenges.