Samsung Summer Internship 2024 for Students

Undergraduate students who are eager to join a multinational electronics corporation that is a world-class technology provider and offers challenges that help interns to learn and grow professionally are welcome to apply for the most recent Samsung Summer Internship program. Working here offers students the opportunity to be part of something meaningful as the company’s extensive portfolio touches nearly every aspect of today’s society. The team environment of Samsung is collaborative and goal-oriented, and with plenty of support from executives, everyone works together to make sure that each project is completed with excellence. Some of the opportunities here include Semiconductor, Research Programs, and many more. Whether you want to become a Software Engineer Intern or Data Science Intern, refer to the information below to learn how you can submit your application.

Samsung Summer Internship 2024 Fully Paid (Online Apply)

Samsung InternshipSummary

  • Company Name: Samsung
  • Location: South Korea, Malaysia, UK, US & across worldwide
  • Education Required: Bachelors/Degree
  • Industry: Electronics

About Samsung

Founded in 1969 as Samsung Electric Industries, Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate which is headquartered in Seoul and is an influential company in the global electronics industry. With revenues of over ₩279.6 trillion, operating in over 74 countries worldwide, it is one of the world’s largest companies that produce all types of home and mobile devices, with flagship products such as its television systems, electronic components, home appliances, and many more. Its products appeal to customers in every corner of the world and it has truly established itself as a leader in the industry. It is currently owned by National Pension Service with 8.69% of market shares, whereas, Samsung Life Insurance owns 8.51%, and Samsung C&T Corporation owns 5.01%. Its headquarters are situated in Yeongtong District, Suwon, and its management is led by President & CEO Kim Hyun-Suk.


If you are willing to join Samsung Summer Internships, you will be glad to learn that the company offers numerous benefits that help graduates and undergraduates gain valuable knowledge and experience in their desired fields. The most important of these is the competitive salary of $54,990 per year that interns receive and the mentorship offered to them. From these beneficial opportunities, interns can further develop their skills and boost their confidence while networking with colleagues in their respective departments.


Those interested in interning for Samsung must meet certain criteria to be eligible. This includes having strong problem-solving skills, excellence in academic studies, and experience in the relevant field. Candidates should also demonstrate responsibility, adaptability, and teamwork skills. Additionally, all potential interns should have a minimum CGPA of 3.0, outstanding communication skills, the ability to think creatively, and a passion for technological development.

How to Apply for Samsung Internship Program?

Submitting an application for the latest Samsung Internship program is a great way for students and young professionals to gain valuable experience and develop their skills. To begin the application process, potential applicants should hit the “Internship at Samsung” button below and view the available opportunities. After that, select a role and hit the “Apply” button to proceed with the application. However, you will need to sign up first as part of the process. Interested candidates are then required to complete an application form along with any supporting documents as required by the company. All applications are reviewed carefully and only qualified candidates will be accepted into the program.

Last Words

An internship at Samsung is a great benefit for students looking to acquire relevant experience and knowledge. Students can learn how to work in an international business environment while gaining the opportunity to develop their understanding of the latest technologies. They will also be able to build a network of contacts that can be invaluable both during and after their internship. Interns here are respected as fully participating contributors from day one, which gives them a competitive advantage when they enter the workforce.