ICC Internship 2024 Program International Criminal Court

Graduates and undergraduate students who are eager to intern for an intergovernmental organization and international tribunal that is aimed at investigating, prosecuting, and punishing individuals who commit global violence in wartime, genocide, and other crimes are welcome to apply for the latest ICC Internship. By joining International Criminal Court, not only will you gain valuable experience with an internationally recognized organization, but also acquire an understanding of international law in general. As a result of this experience, interns will have a broad understanding of social justice initiatives and topics related to armed conflict. Furthermore, there are numerous opportunities for networking within the organization as well as with external partners working with the ICC. Therefore, apply now as you will be able to leave your mark on the international legal world after this experience.

ICC Internship 2024 Program International Criminal Court

Icc Internship


  • Organization Name: International Criminal Court
  • Location: UK, PK, IND, AU & across worldwide
  • Education Required: College/Degree
  • Industry: Law

About International Criminal Court (ICC)

The International Criminal Court was created in 2002 as a self-governing institution that seeks to bring accountability for those responsible for the most serious international crimes. This global court is dedicated to delivering justice for those suffering from genocide, war crimes, aggression, and crimes against humanity, without discrimination based on nationality or status. It is presently comprised of 123 state parties and has jurisdiction across all countries that are members of the court. The ICC serves to complement rather than replace existing domestic criminal justice systems and help hold powerful individuals accountable for their actions while emphasizing victims’ rights throughout the legal process. Furthermore, its rulings have significant importance for the protection of international human rights law and it has English and French as its working languages, as well as Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and Spanish as its official languages.


Joining ICC Internships offer a remarkable opportunity for those looking to acquire experience working for an organization committed to justice and the protection of human rights. International Criminal Court offers a number of benefits that make these internships particularly appealing, including a competitive stipend, the chance to network with international partners, and the opportunity to engage in meaningful work that provides a deeper understanding of global criminal justice systems.


Working as an intern at the ICC provides students with the unique opportunity to be part of a global legal system that serves justice. In order to qualify for such an experience, prospective interns must have a minimum of two years of recent academic study in international criminal law or related subjects. Additionally, applicants must have fluency in English or French, knowledge of another official language of the ICC, and a record of proven academic achievement as demonstrated through publications and research projects. The internship might also require up-to-date computer technology skills in accordance with its departmental requirements.

ICC Internship Application Process?

Applying for the ICC Internship program is a wonderful opportunity for those interested in law careers. ICC is committed to providing equal opportunity for every candidate, through its strict yet organized hiring process. In order to be considered, potential interns must fulfill all the application requirements specified by ICC. This includes submitting a comprehensive application form that includes each applicant’s educational background, understanding of ICC Internship objectives and expected competencies, along with other relevant details. Plus, applicants must provide supporting documentary proof of their qualifications such as previous internships or college grade sheets, depending on what the recruiter requires. You can look for the available programs by clicking on the “Internship at ICC” button below.

Last Words

Students interning at the International Criminal Court will have the chance to learn from experienced practitioners, improve their research skills, and be inspired by the work they are involved in. Students will have excellent opportunities to learn about the legal aspects of transnational crimes, as well as grow their technical, interpersonal, and professional skills through this internship. Additionally, the available intern jobs provide opportunities to network with highly regarded professionals as well as gain a deeper understanding of the justice system for future advocacy and a career in the field of law.