CIA Internship Summer Program 2024 for College Students

Fresh graduates and students who are looking for a lifetime opportunity that requires a high level of dedication and patriotism towards the United States are advised to apply for the latest CIA Summer Internship. By interning for this organization, you will have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the daily operations of one of the world’s leading intelligence organizations. This agency is currently offering plenty of Undergraduate and High School programs for which you must be competent in every aspect of intelligence gathering and evaluation. This opportunity will also provide you with a sense of purpose and assist in helping American interests around the globe.

CIA Internship Program 2024 – Summer & Fall Internships for High School

CIA Internship


  • Organization Name: CIA
  • Location: United States & across worldwide
  • Education: Graduates/Degree
  • Industry: Intelligence

About CIA

Founded 75 years ago on the 18th of September 1947, the Central Intelligence Agency is responsible for providing the President and other policymakers with intelligence on national security threats. This agency collects and analyzes information on foreign governments, organizations, and individuals in order to understand their capabilities, intentions, and actions. Additionally, the CIA conducts covert operations and paramilitary activities in addition to acquiring intelligence that allows the agency to conduct secret missions resulting in national security. The agency employs over 21,575 people and has an annual budget of more than $15 billion. CIA is based in Langley, Virginia, and Mr. William J. Burns is its Director.


The benefits and advantages that come with CIA Internships are numerous as this agency offers a wide range of development opportunities to its interns so that they can gain valuable experience and develop their investigative skills. As a bonus, these internships are also paid, so you can earn money while you’re learning at the same time. This agency offers exceptional possibilities to acquire knowledge about the inner workings of the intelligence community. Therefore, if you’re looking for an opportunity that will challenge you and provide invaluable experience, this could be the right choice for you.


The internship opportunities at the CIA are open to undergraduate and graduate students who meet the minimum GPA requirement of 3.0. Applicants must be U.S. citizens and have completed at least one year of full-time academic study from a recognized institution. Furthermore, students are required to be under the age of 25 and must be proficient in English.

How to Submit Application for CIA Internship Program?

If you want to submit your application for the latest CIA Internship program, then begin by hitting the “Internship at CIA” button below. This will allow you to view the available intern positions in your field of interest. Simply select a position and then click on “Learn More” to read its entire details, including who you’ll work with, what you’ll get, as well as minimum qualifications. If you match the requirements, simply fill out an online application form and provide your basic information such as your name, address, and contact information. You will also need to provide some background information, such as your education and achievements. In addition, you will be required to attach a resume and cover letter and then submit the form.

Last Words

The CIA internship offers excellent opportunities to gain experience in the intelligence field. During your internship, you will learn various skills, including research, analysis, and communication. As a result, you will gain valuable knowledge and experience in the field while working on real-world projects.