Accenture Internship 2024 Program for Graduate

If you are interested in interning for an Irish-American professional services IT company that offers interns the chance to learn from some of the brightest minds in the industry while working on projects that are meaningful and impactful, be sure to apply for the latest Accenture Internship. In addition to gaining valuable skills related to their field of study, students here will have a chance to network with senior leaders and colleagues from other departments who can provide guidance about leadership strategies, career paths, and more. Both undergraduates and freshers can apply for Winter and Summer Internships in a wide range of areas such as Engineering, Consulting Development & Technology Development, and many more. Therefore, submit your application as soon as possible and get started on the process of applying!

Accenture Internship Summer 2024 Program – Hiring Software Engineering Intern

Accenture Internship


  • Organization Name: Accenture
  • Location: SG, PH, UK & across worldwide
  • Education Required: Minimum High School
  • Industry: Technology

About Accenture

Accenture is an IT company that was founded in 1989 and has its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. It provides an extensive range of professional services for businesses to optimize their operations across all major industries including banking, finance & insurance, consumer goods, energy & utilities, healthcare, retail, and many more. The company consists of five main divisions, i.e., Strategy & Consulting, Technology, Operations, Song, and Industry X. These divisions provide clients with the ability to analyze data on their customers’ behavior, identify new opportunities for growth, and create better customer experiences. Accenture also helps clients implement cost-saving measures through automation technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) or blockchain technology. Additionally, it offers cloud-based solutions that enable organizations to increase their efficiency rapidly and securely manage global networks of information. Formerly known as Andersen Consulting, Ms. Julie Sweet is its Chairwoman & CEO.


The Paid Internships at Accenture offer an average of $27.88 per hour salary which makes it one of the most competitive opportunities available. By joining Accenture Internships, you will be able to gain valuable experience while also gaining financial security and stability. In addition to this, Accenture interns build their confidence through practical learning experiences and the chance to work on self-directed projects as part of a team. Through these activities, interns are able to learn how to work independently as well as collaboratively with others in order to achieve career objectives.


To be eligible for an internship at Accenture, applicants must meet a few requirements. Firstly, they must have completed their undergraduate studies in either Computer Science or Information Technology from any reputed university within one year of applying for the internship. Secondly, they should possess strong communication skills as well as excellent problem-solving abilities. Lastly, interns need to demonstrate a good knowledge of industry-standard technologies and tools related to software development, information technology, and data management.

Accenture Internship Application Process?

The first step in applying for an Accenture Internship is to find a job that matches your skills and interests by searching through the company’s career website that you can access by clicking the “Internship at Accenture” button below. Once you have identified an appropriate role, click on “Apply Now” and register yourself or sign in on the “MyWorkdayJobs” portal to fill out the online application. Once you have completed all of the fields of the form, attach your resume highlighting your qualifications, relevant experience, and any other information that will make you stand out from other applicants. The next step is to submit the form and wait for a response from the hiring team at Accenture.

Last Words

An internship at Accenture is a great opportunity for students to gain valuable experience that will help them grow their professional skills. With the wide range of positions available, there are many ways to get involved that can make a meaningful impact. It’s also an excellent way to build connections and networks within the company as well as in the industry while getting real-world experience in an international business environment. The company also offer students the chance to work on real projects with experienced professional and gives interns access to real challenges and insights into how businesses operate on a global scale, so they can learn from those more experienced than them and develop their understanding of various markets and industries.