3M Internship Summer 2024 for Student & Entry Level

If you are interested in joining an American multinational conglomerate where you will have the chance to work with advanced technology and some of the most innovative minds in the industry, do not hesitate to submit your application for the latest 3M Internship. As an intern here, you will get invaluable skills that can be applied across various industries as well as practical experience in the company’s safety products, health care initiatives, and other areas of business. Some of the internships that are available for undergraduates and entry-level students are in areas such as R&D, Software Engineering, Finance, Frontline, Marketing, Design, and many more. Therefore, be sure to apply as soon as possible and gain practical knowledge from experienced professionals who are dedicated to making significant impacts in the fields they work in.

3M Internship Program 2024 | Software Engineer Intern

3M Internship


  • Company Name: 3M
  • Location: United States & across worldwide
  • Education Required: High School
  • Industry: Manufacturing

About 3M

3M is a globally-recognized industrial conglomerate that has been operating since 1902 and specializes in a variety of fields such as worker safety, health care, consumer goods, and more. The company has grown significantly over the past century and its revenues now exceed $35.36 billion annually. The company operates in more than 300 countries worldwide and employs over 93,000 people across the globe. This iconic American company operates across a broad range of industries and produces a wide range of products from adhesives and abrasives to consumer electronics and medical devices. It is committed to providing innovative solutions that help make life easier for its customers, workers, and local communities. As part of its commitment to worker safety and healthcare, it also produces award-winning products designed to protect everyone involved in the production process. Its headquarters are situated in Maplewood and Mike Roman serves as its Chairman, President, & CEO.


Joining 3M Internships offers numerous rewards for interns, including an hourly wage of approximately $30 which makes this an affordable learning opportunity for students. Furthermore, these internships provide the necessary experience to tackle challenging career paths, build valuable networks within the industry, and increase the chances of potential job openings. Therefore, working here is a guaranteed way to maximize productivity and success in upcoming professional endeavors.


3M takes pride in offering internship opportunities to exceptional candidates looking to start their career path with an established Fortune 500 company. To be eligible for internships at 3M, applicants must have completed at least two years of college to be considered, although there may be some exceptions for those who are able to prove significant experience across relevant fields. While specific job requirements vary from position to position, 3M interns should possess strong communication, research, and analytical skills, along with the ability to take initiative and solve complex problems independently.

3M Internship Application Process?

The application process for the 3M Internship Program requires the completion of a detailed application form that you can access by first clicking the “Internship at 3M” button below and then viewing the available categories on its official career page dedicated to students. Once you choose a relevant field of interest, aspiring participants should select a job role on the company’s workday page and then log in to complete an online form that includes questions about educational background and work experience. Once this application is complete, it will be followed up by an extensive evaluation process that includes interviews by a panel to determine whether applicants are qualified to hold a position within the organization.

Last Words

An internship at 3M will benefit students by allowing them to interact with colleagues, learn new skills and technologies, and apply their academic knowledge to a professional environment. Additionally, 3M’s culture of innovation provides a unique platform to explore possibilities of problem-solving and the implementation of effective solutions. This encourages growth in all aspects of the organization and creates an encouraging learning environment ideal for enhancing students’ personal development.